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18th Dec 2017

Yikes! Bruno Tonioli has laid into The X Factor… and it’s brutally honest

Don't hold back there now!

There is no doubt that this year was ALL about Strictly.

Yup, and despite the one-time dominance of The X Factor, 2017 has been a particularly bleak year for the reality TV offering.

Indeed, the Simon Cowell-fronted talent show has endured its lowest viewership in years – with a load of folk seemingly just not all that interested in the ITV weekend airing.

In contract, Strictly Come Dancing over on the BBC has gone from strength-to-strength, boasting an incredible 13.1m viewers for the final. The 2017 series as a whole was also the most popular in the history of the show.

Now, star Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli has come out with some pretty cutting criticism for The X Factor. Indeed, the 62-year-old Italian stated that his show is simply “better”.

We beat X Factor because we’re better, he matter-of-factly told the Daily Star. “I don’t feel bad for Simon.”

He went on to say that he “didn’t watch X Factor this year” – although he attributed this to the fact that he also films Dancing With The Stars in the US and so spends much of his week either on set or travelling.

Finally, Bruno claimed that Strictly is getting better every year and that he wouldn’t change anything about it.

Why would you change something that works? Strictly works because of its simplicity and its honesty.

It’s a great show,” he concluded.