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15th Sep 2023

A series documenting the Phillip Schofield scandal is reportedly in the works

“It could make for uncomfortable viewing for Phil and ITV”

Production has reportedly started on a TV series that will focus on the controversy surrounding Phillip Schofield’s affair with a younger colleague, which ultimately led to his exit from This Morning.

The series has a working title of ‘The Runner’ and will ‘mirror how the scandal unfolded,’ including how the former presenter covered up the affair to his co-presenter, Holly Willoughby, as well as to his bosses and management company, YMU, according to sources.

Schofield, 61, quit the mid-morning talk show in May after 21 years as its host. Following his departure, ITV launched an external investigation and is due to report back with its findings this month.

Speaking to The Sun, sources say that a production company has already ‘started work,’ as they believe that the series would be a ‘perfect fit for Channel 4.’

While Schofield admitted to the extra-martial affair, he claimed he had not groomed the runner or abused his position of power and claimed responsibility for the ‘damage’ caused.

However, the series will reportedly delve into what may have happened ‘behind closed doors’ and will unpack the scandal.

“The storyline will reflect what went on. People have seen it from the outside, but the drama will give a perspective on what may have occurred behind closed doors.

“It could make for uncomfortable viewing for Phil and ITV.”

Last month, it was reported that the former This Morning host was planning to release a tell-all memoir about the events that led to his being dropped by YMU and his exit from the show.

A source told The Mirror that Schofield has been approached by several book publishers, including Hodder & Stoughton, about writing a new memoir that would discuss in detail how his ‘career at ITV imploded,’ his former best friend and co-host Willoughby, and ‘more fully’ about This Morning.

“He also hopes the memoir will help “draw a line under” what has happened to him this year. He made it clear in the conversation that he would like the chance to tell his story in full but that he would not do so without the approval of his family,” the source said.