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30th Apr 2019

This is what happened to Game of Thrones’ Ghost after the Battle of Winterfell

Keeley Ryan

Everyone OK after this week’s episode?

Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell, or The Long Night as it’s technically called, finally aired this week – and there was a *lot* going on.

And while many fans were celebrating over the final moment of the episode (you know the one we’re talking about…), others were very concerned about the whereabouts of another character.

The rest of this post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones’ The Long Night. 




…. still here? OK, cool.

So, Jon Snow’s direwolf, Ghost. was among those trying to protect the Stark family’s ancestral home from the Army of the Dead.

The Dothraki opened the battle scene, charging the Army of the Dead with their arahks alight. Both Ser Jorah and Ghost were seen joining them in their charge.

But the attack failed (very quickly, too) and the arahks were all snuffed out, leaving only Ser Jorah to head back to Winterfell.

Without Ghost, too, who wasn’t seen again in the episode.

And since only a handful of Dothraki survived the charge, many fans became concerned that the direwolf hadn’t survived.

Especially considering the fact that the Stark children’s direwolves haven’t exactly fared too well over the years – especially when there’s a battle scene involved.

Thankfully, it appears as if Ghost made it out of the Battle of Winterfell OK – or at least, unscathed.

We’re not going to question how a dog could make it through a battle of that scale against an entire army of the undead, or why the wights let him live.

We’re just happy he’s OK.

The preview for the next episode of Game of Thrones shows Ghost standing among the survivors as they get ready to burn the bodies of the dead.

You can watch the full trailer for Game of Thrones’ season 8 episode 4 below.