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21st Oct 2021

Spoiler alert: A new man is set to come between Carrie and Big in the SATC reboot

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We can’t stress this enough, major spoilers ahead!

The Sex and the City reboot seems to have a spoiler every day, and at this point, we feel like we’ve already seen the new series without it airing yet.

With the series still filming, things aren’t looking great for Carrie and Mr. Big and with a rocky road ahead, it seems that she could be moving on from him altogether.

And in new photos that were released from the upcoming reboot And Just Like That, it looks like Carrie has been spotted locking lips with a new silver fox, and it’s definitely not Big with a wig on.

Their relationship may not have been perfect over the years but we still don’t want to see it end like this, and while we are jumping to conclusions that Carrie has found a new man, it could mean anything.

In the latest pictures from the set of And Just Like That, Sarah Jessica Parker can be seen kissing Jon Tenney, but while we don’t know much about his character yet, it looks like Chris Noth isn’t in shot at all.

Fans have been coming up with theories over what this means and what Jon’s character has in store, the big one is that he shows up in the Big Apple to swoop Carrie away after tragedy strikes.

And by tragedy, we can only assume they’re referring to the rumour that Mr Big might be killed off as the cast were seen filming funeral scenes.

But that also could be anything, as there are other rumours that as Samantha won’t be returning for the new series, it could be her funeral that they’re all attending.

While we won’t really know anything until the series airs, there are enough rumours going around to keep us going until it does.