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03rd Oct 2023

Kim Catrall looks stunning as she channels Samantha Jones vibes in Skims campaign

Sophie Collins

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall looked stunning as she fronted the latest Skims campaign, channelling her inner Samatha Jones.

The Sex And The City star, 67, posed for a series of ads for Kim Kardashian’s shape-wear line, Skims.

The ‘Best of’ campaign celebrates the brand’s most viral pieces across all collections “worn by cultural icons”.

It was launched on social media on Monday night with a video featuring Cattrall posing on a white table as she spoke about how Skims has had an amazing impact on her body confidence.

“How do I feel about Skims? Oh, you’d like to know, wouldn’t you? Freakin’ fabulous,” she said.

“Skims makes me feel free. My new best friend,” she continued.

The actress donned the brand’s black Soft Lounge Long Sleeve dress during the shoot, before posing in her favourite Skims piece – the Sculpting Mid-Thigh Bodysuit.

She described how the shape-wear made her feel and said: “It was so freeing to be able to pick my favourite SKIMS looks for the campaign, and the piece I loved the most was the Sculpting Mid Thigh Bodysuit.

“It’s a phenomenal fit, and it makes me feel confident whenever I wear it,” she said in the accompanying press release.”

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Fans have been hailing the star for her appearance in the campaign with one writing on Twitter: “Kim Cattrall for Skims, this is so iconic.”

Another said: “Kim Cattrall for Skims is so iconique,” while a third added: “Total goddess.”

Some even said this collaboration makes them finally want to take the plunge and invest in pieces from the brand.

One woman responded to the campaign and said: “Kim Cattrall for SKIMS? omg, NOW i’m tempted to invest…”

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