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16th Oct 2023

Sinéad O’Connor was set to take part in ‘Living with Lucy’

Late singer, Sinéad O’Connor, was eager to join Lucy Kennedy on the show

Sinéad O’Connor was reportedly set to take part in ‘Living with Lucy’. According to the presenter, the singer was “fully onboard”.

She told The Sunday World that Sinéad O’Connor would’ve been an incredible star on the show.

Kennedy revealed that the singer would’ve been one of her dream guests.

“She was someone I would have loved to have lived with.”

Kennedy confirmed the singer was “fully onboard.”

However, she passed away before getting the chance to take part.

“She was up for doing it after that and she could have been on this series, definitely.”

Kennedy said she never got to meet the late singer in person, but said she was an incredible person.

The radio presenter said O’Connor was someone she “always admired”.

She then added: “I loved the fact that she had an opinion, she was a strong female. So talented, so raw.”

“I think like everybody – from her haunted voice to her opinions – any time she was on the Late Late, it was compelling viewing. She was just a very interesting, one-off character.”

Kennedy said she never had the pleasure of meeting her, but she was devastated when she heard of the singer’s passing.

“I never met her, but like everybody, my heart fell when I heard she died. It was just such a loss, and just so sad.”

Sinéad O’Connor sadly passed away at her home in London on July 26th. The legendary singer was only 56 years old.