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03rd Oct 2017

This show is a must watch for anybody who is missing Love Island

We're so excited.

It all begins (again) tonight.

Love Island has been 100% our type on paper, especially after the most recent season of the summer show.

But long before Caroline Flack and Iain Stirling captured our attention with the Love Island reboot three years ago, there was Are You The One? 

The MTV dating series has been one of our most guilty pleasures for the last few years – and it’s finally back tonight.

The show follows 22 single people who claim they all “suck at love” as they try and find their perfect match.

Each of the contestants was secretly paired up into a couple by the producers using a matchmaking algorithm.

They then have to try and figure out all of the “perfect matches” while living together.

If they make it to the end and manage to get each and every perfect match, the group will split a prize of up to a $1,000,000.

The contestants have the opportunity each season to pair up into different couples for a chance to compete and win dates.

They’ll also have the chance to nominate couples to head into the Truth Booth, where the pair will find out if they really are a perfect match.

But if the cast don’t identify any matches other than those already confirmed during the match up ceremonies, they’ll find their prize cut by half – every time.

The long-running dating reality show returns for it’s sixth season to MTV on October 3 at 9pm.