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10th Jun 2021

Sharon Horgan is switching to a more dramatic role with James McAvoy

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Her latest role is coming to BBC.

Sharon Horgan has her eyes set on a brand new role, but it’s nothing like anything we’ve seen her in before.

We’re used to seeing the actress on screen and in the writing chair for comedies and having us constantly laughing by her work.

But this new BBC film is putting Sharon in a new type of role, a more dramatic one.

She is set to appear alongside James McAvoy in the new film Together which tells the story of a married couple living in the UK during the first few days of lockdown last year right up until the present day.

With the director of The Crown Stephen Daldry claiming the film was a “wild adventure”, it definitely sounds like something that will have us at the edge of our seats the whole way through.

Sharon headed to Instagram to share a clip from the new film, saying: “I do not know how this happened but I’m so glad it did.”


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“It was a wild adventure and an even wilder learning curve. I’m so proud of Dennis’ script. And James’ performance. He was one of my all time favourite actors and now he’s one of my all time favourite people. I honestly don’t know how Stephen pulled it all together in ten days but he did.”

The film sees the husband and wife take a hard look at not only themselves but their relationship with each other, during the various lockdowns, starting from March 2020.

Sharon’s character is a charity worker, working with refugees all over Europe while James’s is a self employed computer consultant.

He is forced to let go all his staff once lockdown hits and begins growing vegetables, but the global situation proves to be a dagger for their marriage.

For the sake of their 10 year old son, they couple try to make things work, but that might not be the simple solution they’re looking for.

Together is airing on BBC Two on Thursday, June 17 at 9pm.