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02nd Oct 2018

Is Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul actually worth watching?

What is the point of this?

Denise Curtin

Are you following Shane Dawson’s docuseries on Jake Paul?

The series which released its third instalment last night seems to be in the centre of a heated online Twitter debate which has led Shane Dawson to refilm certain sections due to “public concerns”.

In case you aren’t following the series, Shane Dawson’s aim is to try and look inside the mind of Jake Paul. Asking the question continuously – “so who is Jake Paul?”.

Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber who creates controversial and often, dangerous videos with the hopes of racking up views and “entertaining” the public. He is also the younger brother to Logan Paul, who is well-known for his 2017 video where he filmed a man who died by suicide in Aokigahara, Japan’s “suicide forest”. The video in question caused global backlash and the loss of millions of subscribers.

A shot from Logan’s now deleted video.

However, Logan alongside his brother, Jake, are still creating videos, more outlandish than ever before and in this series, Shane Dawson tries to figure out whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath. From his controversial “Team 10” crew to his family life and his outrageous lifestyle, Shane’s docuseries may only be three episodes in but fans are already unsure.

Some fans believe the series is being “dragged out”, others are angry at Shane’s lack of research into what a “sociopath” actually is, others think he’s trying to normalise Jake who is a “bad role model for society”, while the majority are just confused by the actual purpose of this whole series.

The series which was first advertised as an investigation into Jake Paul is now confusing the public, with many wondering if it actually is an investigation or rather, a collaboration between two YouTubers, with Shane admitting last night that Jake is aware of all that is happening and everything which is going into the series. Hmmm.

Jake Paul apparently also doesn’t appear until the fifth episode which is out this Friday again, causing raised eyebrows by the need for 160 minutes of footage prior to this encounter?

Is this series really providing us with any insight into the “inner workings” of Jake Paul as intended or is it simply just a plug for two vloggers trying to grow their audiences?

Is this an investigation or a collaboration?

The last tweet from Shane Dawson also seems suspicious, in light of all the controversy and questioning, he’s going “offline”, taking a break from Twitter.

For a social media star to take a break for Twitter in the midst of one of his “biggest career moves to date” seems a bit strange, don’t you think?