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26th Jan 2024

Watch: Gilmore Girls star surprises fans during set tour

Kat O'Connor

Luke from Gilmore Girls was responsible for this pure moment

‘Gilmore Girls’ is the definition of heartwarming. It never fails to cheer me up after a tough day and always makes me feel instantly at ease.

There’s a certain magic the show has and that hasn’t vanished in the 20 years since the series first aired.

It feels like the show is just as, if not more popular, today than it was when it aired in the 2000s. It’s one of the most-streamed series on Netflix, it’s a huge part of pop culture, and it’s something that’ll likely never go out of style.

‘Gilmore Girls’ has stood the test of time and a recent fan interaction has proven just how special it is.

Fans were recently surprised by one very special cast member during a tour of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ set.

They were attending the ‘Gilmore Girls’ studio tour when Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, surprised them.

The actor showed fans of the show around the set and even started a sing-along during the tour.

Fans broke into the theme song ‘Where You Lead’ by Carole King and the moment was captured on camera.

The sweet clip has reminded me of just how special the show is and the positive impact it can have on people.

It may be cheesy, but the show does make people feel so much better.

You can check out the adorable moment below:

@capturingchez Luke is back in Stars Hollow! Shout out to the “oh, oh, OH” girl, shes just like me fr! This is my DREAM #gilmoregirls #lukedanes #lorelaigilmore #lukeandlorelai ♬ Where You Lead I Will Follow – Carole King

If anyone needs me I’ll be looking up how much it costs to fly from Dublin to the Gilmore Girls studio in LA.



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