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27th Mar 2024

Is one quiet weekend a month the secret to improving your mental health?

Kat O'Connor

I had a ‘nothing’ weekend and finally felt well-rested

Does anyone else feel immense pressure to be constantly busy on the weekend? I must have brunch with those friends I haven’t seen in months, head to the local pub, and squeeze in a date. Oh and maybe I should get my nails done and head to the cinema before that movie everyone is talking about stops screening.

My weekends are often jam-packed with 101 things to do, but I decided to make a change and had a ‘nothing’ weekend recently.

I cleared my calendar, declined invites, and hibernated.

And honestly, I’ve never felt better.

I completely switched off from the world for a while and it was so beneficial for my mental health.

My aunty often tells me she has ‘step off the world’ days and they’re so key.

All I did was read, clean (I find it relaxing- don’t judge), and watch endless episodes of Chicago P.D.

I didn’t spend a penny or see anyone but it was worth it. I think dotting these quiet weekends in, even once a month, can really help give you a much-needed reset after weeks of hectic plans and jam-packed schedules.

Speaking about the chill lifestyle change, writer Gloria Mark told Today:

“Doing nothing means giving your mind a rest by not expending your precious and limited cognitive resources and attentional capacity.”

I’ll be embracing the ‘nothing weekend’ at least once a month so forgive me if I cancel brunch invites on the regular.