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07th Jan 2022

Review: And Just Like That… episode six took an unexpected turn

Ellen Fitzpatrick

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And Just Like That… you had me at Jonathan Groff.

*Spoilers for episode six of And Just Like That…

And Just Like That… has had me hooked ever since it first aired on NOW, and I’ve said it over and over, while it isn’t the same as the original, it’s still pretty gripping.

But for episode six, there was one person keeping my attention – Jonathan Groff.

Appearing in the episode, he starred as Dr. Paul David, the plastic surgeon who Carrie and Anthony visit as they contemplate getting a little, or in Anthony’s case a lot of, work done.

Sex and The City has always cast New York theatre actors in small standalone roles like this, Joshua Henry and Lena Hall were in the first film, Andre De Shields was in the original, so Jonathan Groff was more than perfect casting.

Now that my little theatre nerd heart has gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the juicy parts.

I doubt anyone could forget Miranda and Che’s intense sex scene in the last episode, one that left Carrie in utter shock and Miranda admitting that she is desperately unhappy in her marriage to Steve.

Now Miranda is spilling all to Charlotte, and of course, Charlotte reacts in the most Charlotte way possible. Asking a million and one questions, Miranda downplays the whole thing but it’s clear Charlotte is struggling to accept more than just Miranda’s sexuality.

Ageing seems to be the centre of this episode, with Carrie ultimately trying to rediscover her old self, the one we know and love from the original show.

Looking to sell her and Big’s apartment to help move on, she gets Seema’s help in doing so but it’s not the only big change she contemplates.

Finally settling on a “good on paper” apartment just for the sake of it, she then accompanies Anthony on his facelift consultation.

When Dr Paul David insists Anthony doesn’t need work done, he turns his attention to Carrie and shows some edited versions of her face, telling her he can make her look like her 2007 self again.

Liking the idea, Carrie is tempted. While Miranda is very anti surgery, Charlotte reassures Carrie there is nothing wrong with going under the knife and it is ultimately her decision, a decision she makes by the time the episode comes to a close.

Deciding to sell her downtown apartment and move back into the one she’s always called home, Carrie puts on the iconic Carrie necklace and looks at herself in the mirror only to discover she has been herself all along.

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