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25th Dec 2017

Prue spoiled the Christmas Bake Off and fans can’t believe she did it AGAIN

"It's not like Prue to give away bake off secrets"

Oh no, not AGAIN.

Fresh from spoiling the Bake Off winner, Prue Leith is at it again.

But instead of tweeting the champ’s name half a day early like before – this time she prematurely revealed the technical challenge.

Asked on The Great Christmas Bake Off by Sandi and Noel for her advice on the technical challenge, she said:

“Mince pies – they have to be delicious. They have to look fantastic, and the trick is to be very gentle.”

Of course, at this stage, the bakers had no idea what they were even cooking.

And Sandi was quick to pick up on her mistake, laughing: “Now, normally Prue doesn’t give away what it is you’re going to be making.”

Blushing Prue replied: “I realise I’ve just done that” – as the whole tent exploded in laughter.

Before it could happen again, Sandi told Prue and Paul to return to their grotto and Prue joked: “In shame!”

Fans were quick to mock her faux pas on Twitter.

Bakers Paul Jagger, Beca Lyne-Pirkis, Selasi Gbormittah and Val Stones are battling it out on the show – with another episode of The Great Christmas Bake Off on tomorrow night.