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03rd Oct 2023

Stevie Nicks sees no reason for Fleetwood Mac to continue

Stevie Nicks said they’ll never replace Christine McVie.

Seeing Fleetwood Mac live is an experience you’ll never forget, but it looks like the band has taken their final bow.

Following the loss of Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks says she sees no point in Fleetwood Mac continuing.

The Silver Springs singer’s news comes after the heartbreaking loss of Christine McVie last year. The singer and pianist sadly died at the age of 79 last November after suffering a stroke. McVie had also been diagnosed with cancer before her passing.

Speaking about her beloved friend and bandmate, Nicks said the band isn’t complete without McVie.

She told Vulture that there is no way they could replace Christine McVie.

“We had a really great time and it was a huge tour. That was there in the realm of possibility. But when Christine died, I felt like you can’t replace her. You just can’t.

“Without her, what is it?”

“Who am I going to look over to on the right and have them not be there behind that Hammond organ?”

“When she died, I figured we really can’t go any further with this. There’s no reason to,” the Edge of Seventeen singer said.

The singer recently opened up about her friendship with McVie. After watching Daisy Jones & The Six, Nicks admitted she wished her friend was still here to see it. The show, and book, are loosely inspired by Fleetwood Mac, and Nicks said she felt like their story was unfolding on screen.


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She wrote on Instagram, “Just finished watching Daisy Jones + the 6 for the 2nd time. In the beginning, it wasn’t really my story, but Riley seamlessly soon became my story.”

“It brought back memories that made me feel like a ghost watching my own story,” she shared.

“It was very emotional for me. I just wish Christine could have seen it. She would have loved it.”