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03rd Dec 2016

President Michael D. Higgins posted a very special letter to one of the Toy Show children

He's the best

The Irish president has reached out.

Say what you want about Ryan Tubridy and The Late Late Show, but last night’s show really pulled it out of the bag.

The predictable but nevertheless wonderful moments when children were surprised by their heroes was enough to dampen even the driest of eyes… come on folks, we all know you were weeping into a pillow when Dermot Bannon showed up completely* out of the blue.

*We knew he was coming from the moment he was touted as a hero of hers.

One child who made an appearance on the show was Kathryn Fay, a young girl who is a big fan of books and reading.

After the show, President Higgins posted a letter to the presidential Twitter account to encourage her to keep on reading.

The letter, which is signed by Michael D. himself, reads in full:

“Dear Kathryn

May I congratulate you on your appearance on the Late Late Toy Show. I hope that you have enjoyed being part of the making of the programme.

I have been told of your interest in reading, and in particular your interest in the history of Presidents including all of Ireland’s Presidents from the foundation of the State.

As an avid reader you will know that books are windows to many worlds, both real and imaginary, and the benefits, and joys too, of reading will last a lifetime. People who read books will not just have the experiences of their own lives, but are also to take into themselves the feelings, action and wisdom of many others.

It makes me particularly happy to hear of your interest in Presidents and politics. All of the Presidents you have read about will have tried, in their own way, to make this world a better place. I hope that you and all your friends will, too, keep faith in the power of each and every one of us to make a difference, working together to build a better, just and sustainable world.

After my election in 2011 what I told the ‘Being Young and Irish’ events that I organised, was “be the arrow, not the target”.

You’re doing well as an arrow!

Beir Beannacht

Michael D. Higgins”