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01st Jun 2019

People are getting DRAGGED for having their wedding today for this funny reason


I might find this hilarious but others aren’t impressed.

In case you’re not into football, let me tell you about today. Today is a very important day for Tottenham and Liverpool as well as all fans who religiously watch the Champions Leauge. Today is the final and a moment footie fans have geared up to for months.

But, today is also Saturday, June 1. A massive day for weddings and it’s causing people a lot of stress and mourning as many won’t get a chance to watch the match live when it all kicks off in Madrid at 8pm.

Taking to Twitter to vent their anger (and also to avoid drama with their partners and more than likely, the ones dragging them to the events), here are some of the funniest tweets from today.

We stand in solidarity.

For the rest of you, the game kicks off at 8pm.