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07th Jul 2017

#AbsoluteMelt… So, Penneys is selling must-have Love Island t-shirts

This could be the new Chip cup...
Love Island villa

We think we’ve peaked.

We don’t have to tell you that we watch the show, in fact… we’d like you to produce one person in the country who is NOT watching the show and we’ll give you a gold star.

If you’re the in the tiny minority and have never seen the show (?), don’t worry we have you covered, you’ll find out all you need to know here.


Our favourite shop is jumping on the Love Island love in (too much love?), and we’re actually a little surprised it’s taken them this long. You can soon be the proud owner of your very own Love Island branded t-shirt, what will they be branded with we hear you ask? Slogans from the show of course.

We’re guessing the  “I’ve got a text” or ” I used to be in Blazin’ Squad” will sell out first.

Now here’s the kicker, they go on sale in Primark in the UK tomorrow, and the rumour mill is in overdrive that they’ll be hitting Irish stores on Wednesday.


We’ll keep our eyes peeled and keep you posted.