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08th Feb 2017

One Home and Away character set to face a ‘life-threatening’ illness

And things were just looking up! *SPOILER ALERT*

This contains major spoilers so if you don’t want to know, look away now.

The internet is awash with rumours that Home and Away’s Billie Ashford will soon exit the show.

Things were finally starting to go well for her and VJ, after a lot of drama when Billie admitted she had been lying to her partner for some time.

As fans of the soap will know, Billie became pregnant after she was raped and rather than face questions about her nightmare ordeal, she pretended that VJ was the baby’s father.

The couple managed to salvage their relationship with Billie giving birth to a baby girl but tragedy is just around the corner.

In scenes still to air, Billie collapses after giving birth to baby Luc (named after her late brother).

Having battled an ongoing cough and suffered breathing problems during labour, it soon becomes apparent that her condition is serious.

Details of Billie’s funeral have been leaked on Home and Away websites but viewers will have to wait and see what unfolds over the next few weeks.