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15th Jul 2019

Michael and Joanna FORCED to split in the biggest plot twist of Love Island ever

Rebecca O'Keeffe

love island

What’s going to happen next?

We’ve some serious predictions…

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We did not see that coming…

So, last night was full to the brim with drama.

Love Island couple Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides will be forced to split, and one of them must leave the villa.


So, what went on?

Basically the Islanders chose to save Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames over Michael and Joanna shade), consequently leaving the couple vulnerable.

The divine Caroline Flack told Michael and Joanna they had to split up and one of them must go home.

She said:

“You can not stay in Love Island as a couple, one of you will have to leave the island.”

And in a real weird turn of events, Michael reacted with a sort of smirk and a laugh… weird flex.

This laugh got a lot of attention on social media, as you can only imagine.

One viewer tweeted:

“Michael laughing when finding out he was the least favourite couple and previously calling Amber immature for laughing in awkward situations.”

Fair and valid.

Another said:

“Funny how Michael always slated Amber for laughing in awkward situations and now he’s stood there smirking like…. chaaaldish #lovelsland.”

“Someone should probably tell Michael to stop laughing so smugly in these scenarios. It could be seen as…oh what’s the word? Oh that’s right,” wrote another.