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26th May 2016

Matt LeBlanc may have just blown this sh*t wide open by unmasking the Stig

He was a little bit too Keen on social media.

No, you’ve got too much time on your hands.

‘The Stig’ is one British television’s most iconic creations. On one hand, he or she is merely a very talented (and fast) driver who dons a white suit and visor every week to test out the latest cars and go head-to-head with celebrity guests. On the other, the Stig is a cult amongst motorheads and genuine enigma of our time.

He/she is definitely the biggest helmet to feature on Top Gear after Jeremy Clarkson.

But it seems that two of the show’s new presenters may have inadvertently unmasked the mystery driver on social media. Former Friend Matt LeBlanc has recently started following an obscure British racing driver via Twitter, who until the past week, only had a couple of hundred followers.

Phil Keen is a 32-year-old engineer from Henley on Thames. He also happens to be an accomplished driver of very fast cars. In fact in 2009, he won the Supersport British GT Championship.

He has previously been rumoured to have donned to the famous white outfit as a stand-in, but since LeBlanc started following him out of the blue, rumours are abound that he has now taken on the role permanently. This is backed up by the fact that another new Top Gear presenter has started following him in Rory Reid…

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is all conclusive evidence that Keen is in fact the new Stig. Or it could just be two presenters of a car programme simply following someone who is involved in cars, but where’s the fun in that?

Check out the very talented Keen in action below and make your own minds up. We’re not the boss of you.