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30th Nov 2023

Love Actually director admits this iconic scene is ‘weird’

Anna Martin

love actually richard curtis

Some things in Love Actually haven’t aged well

We won’t bore you with a full list but there’s one scene in particular that sticks out to the director of the beloved flick, Richard Curtis.

For Richard, it’s what he’s branded “the stalker scene” which sees the character named Mark (Andrew Lincoln) use handwritten signs to silently declare his love to Juliet (Keira Knightley), who is married to his best friend (Chiwetel Ejiofor). 

Now even if you’ve never seen the movie you can understand that this whole situation is just weird and goes against all the rules of friendship.

love actually richard curtis
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Richard Curtis may have written the Christmas classic, but he’s not a fan of this scene anymore.

“He actually turns up, to his best friend’s house, to say to his best friend’s wife, on the off chance that she answers the door, ‘I love you,'” he said in a new interview with The Independent.

“I think it’s a bit weird,” Curtis admitted.

He recalled the first time he found out that some people found the scene uncomfortable.

“I remember being taken by surprise about seven years ago. I was going to be interviewed by somebody and they said, ‘Of course, we’re mainly interested in the stalker scene,’ and I said, ‘What scene is that?’

love actually
Hugh Grant in Love Actually

“And then I was, like, educated in it. A lot of intelligent people were involved in the film at the time,” Curtis said.

He also stressed that they “didn’t think it was a stalker scene”.

“But if it’s interesting or funny for different reasons [now] then, you know, God bless our progressive world,” he added.

Love Actually celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

The iconic rom-com will be screened in cinemas across the country to mark the milestone.