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18th Sep 2021

Irish mams are falling for the “nosey challenge” on TikTok and it’s gas

Sarah McKenna Barry

“Irish Mas need to know everything”

We’re all guilty of having a cheeky eavesdrop now and then, but when you hear something particularly juicy, it can be hard to be subtle.

One TikTok challenge that tests our nosiness has been doing the rounds lately, and it’s just reached Ireland.

Titled the ‘nosey challenge’, it involves pretending to take a salacious call while secretly filming thier partner/parent/friends’ reaction.

One TikToker to try it out on his mother is Ben Williams.

In it, he’s sat next to his mother on the couch, who appears to be minding her own business when he answers a call.

However, he quickly piques her interest when he asks the caller: “You’re after getting hit?”

Ben’s mother turns sharply, and mouths “Who’s that?”, but he tells her “not to be nosey”.

@benwilliams066 Irish Mas need to know everything ??Watch till the end #fyp #irish #viral ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Not satisfied, she keeps probing him for an answer, making it impossible for him to carry on with the fake phonecall.

However, she doesn’t twig that it’s a prank. When she asks him what his friend was hit with, he tells her “a sword”.

Losing her patience, she throws a pillow at him, and Ben laughs, breaking his cover.

In the comments, many recognised themselves or their own parents in Ben’s unsuspecting mother.

One TikTok user wrote: “Every Irish mammy when they hear their kids talking”

A second wrote: “If that isn’t the image of me ma.”

Someone else commented: “How did she not catch on when ye said he got hit by a sword”.

Another pictured themselves reacting the same way Ben’s mother did. They wrote: “Omg that’s me wrecks my head when my son won’t answer”.

Ben wasn’t the only one who tested the nosiness of others with the challenge. Other TikTok users who gave it a try include @weeteeduo, who tried it out on her boyfriend, and @stacy_josh who pranked her husband.