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14th Nov 2018

The Inbetweeners are reuniting for a special anniversary show

Wil Jones

The cast are getting back together to celebrate ten years of the show.

Since the release of The Inbetweeners 2 back in 2014, the cast have been very busy working on things like betting adverts, and mobile phone adverts (and some really good things, like Friday Night Dinners).

Now it has been confirmed that Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas are getting back together to celebrate ten years of the show.

The two-hour special will feature behind-the-scenes clips and contributions from celebrity fans of the show, and air on Channel 4.

It will also hand out awards for four various classic scenes, with categories including”best sex scene” and “best ever moment”.

Channel 4’s head of live events and commissioning editor for entertainment, Tom Beck, said: “Will, Jay, Simon and Neil spent years failing to sneak into the best parties, so I’m very pleased to throw one that they’re definitely invited to.

“I just hope Will brings his Mum.”

Co-executive producer Will Macdonald added: “The love for The Inbetweeners is huge, the kind of love that Jay would boast he’s had many times – big celebrities, millions of viewers and loving fans from across the globe.

“And it’s so exciting the boys will be back together to feel that love from all those people and enjoy it first-hand. What could possibly go wrong?”

The Inbetweeners ran for three series on E4 between 2008 and 2010, and had two incredibly successful spin-off films.

Sadly, though, a fourth series or a third film doesn’t look particularly likely. Blake Harrison played down the possibilities in an interview with Good Morning Britain earlier this year, saying they were too old to pull it off.

“I just don’t think it would work, I think we’re too old now,” said Harrison.

“I think the reason it was so funny was you had these idiotic, ignorant, lads that you let them get away with saying things that would be quite offensive but as they get older you can’t excuse it, I think.”