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17th Sep 2023

Comedian Daniel Sloss speaks out about Russell Brand on Channel 4 documentary

By Charlie Herbert

Brand has denied the allegations.

Stand-up comic Daniel Sloss has gone on the record to support the rape and sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand.

On Saturday, Channel 4 and the Times released a joint investigation into Brand, in which the comedian was accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse.

Five women shared their stories with the Times and Channel 4 Dispatches. The alleged incidents are said to have taken place between 2006 and 2013. During this time Brand was a presenter on BBC Radio 2 and Channel 4 and starred in several Hollywood films.

The Times and Dispatches have spent a year looking into Brand’s “treatment of women”.

Brand denies the accusations.

As part of the Dispatches programme, Daniel Sloss went on the record to support the allegations from the women.

Sloss was presented as the only comedian who was approached that agreed to come forward to discuss Brand’s alleged actions.

The Scottish comic claimed to have heard about Brand’s behaviour whilst working in the comedy industry. He alleged that female comedians set up messaging groups to discuss people within the industry to avoid, and that Brand was one of the names mentioned.

During the documentary, it was said that journalists from the Dispatches team had seen messages from a WhatsApp group that discussed Brand.

Speaking to the Times, Sloss said: “I know for many, many years that women have been warning each other about Russell.”

On social media, some have been sharing clips from Sloss’ previous stand-up show in which he discusses having a friend whose behaviour towards women he “ignored.”

In the clip from a 2018 stand-up show, he goes on to say: “If I’m being 100 per cent honest with myself, were there signs in my friend’s behaviour over the years towards women that I ignored? The answer is yes.

“And then he raped my friend, and that’s on me until the day I die.”

Most of the women who allege that Brand raped or sexually assaulted them have asked to remain anonymous.


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Amongst the allegations made in the investigation was that crew members at Channel 4 felt like they were “taking lambs to slaughter” after claiming Brand identified women in the audience of a Big Brother spin-off show that he would like to pursue for sex.

The show also made allegations relating to Brand’s demeanour at work, his attitude to women within his workplace, along with more serious claims, including that he exposed himself to colleagues and suggested that they might want to perform oral sex on him.

On Friday evening, before the investigation was published and the Dispatches documentary aired, Brand released a video in which he denied the allegations.

He said: “I’ve received two extremely disturbing letters or a letter and an email. One from a mainstream media TV company, one from a newspaper listing a litany of extremely egregious and aggressive attacks, as well as some pretty stupid stuff like my community festival should be stopped, that I shouldn’t be able to attack mainstream media narratives on this channel.


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“But amidst this litany of astonishing rather baroque attacks, are some very serious allegations that I absolutely refute.

“These allegations pertain to the time when I was working in the mainstream, when I was in the newspapers all the time, when I was in the movies. As I’ve written about extensively in my books, I was very, very promiscuous.

“Now, during that time of promiscuity, the relationships I had were absolutely always consensual. I was always transparent about that then, almost too transparent, and I’m being transparent about it now as well.

“And to see that transparency metastasised into something criminal that I absolutely deny makes me question, is there another agenda at play?

“Particularly when we’ve seen coordinated media attacks before, like with Joe Rogan, when he dared to take a medicine that the mainstream media didn’t approve of, and we saw a spate of headlines from media outlets across the world using the same language.”

He continued: “I’m aware that you guys have been saying in the comments for a while ‘watch out, Russell. They’re coming for you, you’re getting too close to the truth, Russell Brand did not kill himself’.

“I know that a year ago there was a spate of articles – Russell Brand’s a conspiracy theorist, Russell Brand’s right wing. I’m aware of news media making phone calls, sending letters to people I know for ages and ages.


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“It’s being clear to me, or at least it feels to me like there’s a serious and concerted agenda to control these kind of spaces and these kind of voices. And I mean, my voice along with your voice.

“I don’t mind them using my books and my stand-up to talk about my promiscuous consensual conduct in the past. What I seriously refute are these very, very serious criminal allegations.

“Also, it’s worth mentioning that there are witnesses whose evidence directly contradicts the narrative that these two mainstream media outlets are trying to construct, apparently, in what seems to me to be a coordinated attack.

“Now, I don’t wanna get into this any further because of the serious nature of the allegations, but I feel like I’m being attacked and plainly they’re working very closely together. We are obviously going to look into this matter ’cause it’s very, very serious.”

If you’ve been the victim of sexual assault, you can access help and resources via or calling the national telephone helpline on 1800 77 8888.

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