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02nd Apr 2015

Hollywood Star Set for Guest Role in Moone Boy

This is big. HUGE.

Rebecca McKnight

Question – what’s better than Chris O’Dowd? 

Answer – Chris O’Dowd and Paul Rudd, together. 

Hollywood actor, (and honorary Irish man), Paul Rudd is set to appear on next week’s episode of Sky comedy Moone Boy.

Star of Clueless, Friends and a string of box office hits, Rudd is set to appear in the show’s third season finale.

O’Dowd first teased the news on social media on Wednesday, but many were slow to believe the hype given the slew of April Fools’ jokes doing the rounds.

But it’s legit! Is it too much to hope that Rudd will be “slappin da bass” in Boyle?!