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21st Nov 2023

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick gives update on reboot with original cast

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick has sparked reboot rumours

Gossip Girl will forever be one of our all-time favourite shows, but is it time for the show to return?

We’d happily watch the original series on Netflix on repeat, but many fans are hoping the original cast will get back together for a reboot.

The show came back in 2021 with a new cast in tow, but it wasn’t a major success and was cancelled after just two seasons.

Many believe the reboot would’ve been better with the original cast at its helm, but could we really see Blake Lively return as Serena van der Woodsen? Or Chace Crawford reprise his role as Nate?

One ‘Gossip Girl’ star is keen for the show to return and that’s Ed Westwick; who is best known for playing Chuck Bass on the original series.

He recently teased a ‘Gossip Girl’ reunion after a fan asked him if he was still in touch with his fellow actors.

A fan asked Westwick if he is still in touch with his ‘Gossip Girl’ castmates and he replied with a video on TikTok.

Sadly, the cast is not as close as they once were, but Westwick said he’d love to get the cast back together.

He told his followers that he doesn’t speak to them that often.

“Sometimes, not really. I think they’re all doing good,” he explained.

“We all live in different countries but hey let’s get that original reboot or something like that,” Westwick added.

He may not be as close to his co-stars anymore, but Westwick was extremely enthusiastic about filming a reboot.

He teased: “I want to do a spin-off show. I’d like to do that. It’d be pretty cool actually.”

Fans believe a more ‘adult’ version of ‘Gossip Girl’ could be a major success.

They want to see how Blair, Serena, Dan and Co. are getting on in the future, and so do we.

Did Serena come to her senses and break up with Dan again?

Is Nate still a successful businessman or is he following in his father’s footsteps?

Did Chuck and Blair have any more children or are they separating?

We would happily watch this style of ‘Gossip Girl’ so can the CW make this happen already?