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10th Nov 2023

Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester to star in Christmas rom-com

Kat O'Connor

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans are going to adore Leighton Meester’s new project

Blair Waldorf played quite a key role in our teenage years. She was the girl we all dreamed of being and one who was always on our TV screens after school.

‘Gossip Girl’ actress Leighton Meester may have taken a step back from Hollywood but is set to return with a film that Christmas fanatics will love.

She is starring alongside Robbie Amell in the Christmas rom-com ‘EXmas’.

Does it look incredibly cheesy? Yes, but we cannot wait to watch it.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ star has been cast as the sweet, but spirited professional baker Ali.

Amell stars as her ex-fiancé Graham, who is a work-obsessed gaming designer.

The pair were once engaged, but something went wrong along the way and their relationship is now over.

Their romance may be no more, but Ali still loves Graham’s family, so much so that she agrees to spend Christmas with them.

Graham rejects his parent’s invitation to spend the holidays at their house so they decide to invite Ali instead.

However, he decides to put his family before work and ends up surprising them, and his ex, by showing up for the holidays.

To make things interesting, and bearable, the exes put on a bet to see who can stay until Christmas morning.

With the ‘Gossip Girl’ icon included, there’s no doubt this film will be playing on loop this December.

Combining ‘Gossip Girl’ and Christmas? A truly genius idea.

The film is set for release on November 17th, but you can watch the trailer below now: