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24th Jan 2024

Gold handcuffs and a fridge? This year’s Goop Valentine’s Day gift guide is wild

Anna Martin

valentine's day

Are you at a loss as to what to get your other half for Valentine’s Day?

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow has some…interesting suggestions on her Goop gift guide for this year’s celebrations.

By now we all know that this list comes with a good dose of extravagant presents like a gold-plated double-ended vibrator for over €1,100. No that’s not a typo.

Yet there were still some gift ideas out of the 103 this year that made us do a double take.

goop valentines handcuffs
Credit: Goop

Take the 14-karat gold Kiki de Montparnasse handcuffs for example, coming in at a pricey €229.

Described as the perfect way to “explore restraint fantasies” they’re just a bit much for the average Joe to splash out on, even more so when you read that they recommend getting a second set to make a collar and a lead.

Or if your other half likes a nice glass of wine on the weekend, Gwyneth recommends investing in the fridge to end all fridges.

The Rocco Super Smart Fridge better have a Phd at least with its €1,188 price tag.

goop valentines day
Credit: Goop

While it can hold up to 27 standard bottles of wine or 88 cans of your favourite beverage it’s just a fridge at the end of the day.

However, this one does have an app where you can control the temperature, adjust the internal LED lights, or see what’s stocked inside.

If your other half loves smelling good, don’t get them perfume this Valentine’s Day, get them drawer liners.

goop valentines day
Credit: Goop

Yet these aren’t just your average drawer liners, no, these are €36 ones, scented with a blend of sweet, rich oud and powdery rose, with notes of bergamot and smoke – whatever that means.

Do you get a lifetime supply of this scented paper for that price? Nope, just six sheets.

If you really want to pull out all the stops this year though you can’t go wrong with Gwyneth’s suggestion of a 2-person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna.

goop valentine's day
Credit: Goop

Not just a trip to the sauna, buy the whole thing and take it home this Valentine’s Day for €7,340.

It’s tricked out with Bluetooth and AUX inputs so you can set the mood inside the cabin so it’s definitely worth the price right?