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22nd Jan 2024

Star of Netflix documentary American Nightmare speaks out

Kat O'Connor

American Nightmare has been described as a ‘real-life Gone Girl’

We all went into hibernation mode this weekend, right? We were glued to the new Netflix docu-series ‘American Nightmare’ and are still baffled by the story.

The new Netflix docu-series follows the bizarre events of ‘real-life Gone Girl’ Denise Huskins.

Netflix viewers have been left shocked after tuning into the series, but Denise Huskins has issued a warning to viewers.

She believes the docu-series will give those familiar with the story a completely different perspective on her and Aaron Quinn.

If you’ve not yet tuned into the series then let us sum it up for you.

The Netflix docu-series follows the police investigation after a home invasion and kidnapping at Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’s home in 2015.

Aaron Quinn is treated so poorly by police, who are convinced the boyfriend is behind his partner’s disappearance.

However, things take a dramatic turn for the worse when Denise Huskins reappears after going missing.

She claims she was kidnapped, but police quickly accused the pair of staging the entire ordeal.

Viewers are raving about American Nightmare

Denise was quickly described as a ‘real life Gone Girl’ after she reappeared in public days later.

Denise tells them she was kidnapped and kept in a cabin and was also raped by her kidnapper, but they fail to believe her story.

Police neglect the pair and claim the entire story is a hoax, but end up arresting the kidnapper a year later.

Viewers were left in shock over how careless the police were and how they failed the couple.

In 2016, Matthew Muller pleaded guilty to one count of federal kidnapping, as well as rape, burglary and robbery. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Denise has urged those familiar with her story to tune into the docu-series because they’ll learn so much about what actually happened.

“There’s a lot of footage that’s never been shown before, that we hadn’t even had access to until recently.

“So it’ll give a visual to parts you already have read about, and I think will put people right there with us in a different way,” she stressed.

Have you tuned into American Nightmare yet? What did you think of the thrilling docu-series?