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23rd Jan 2024

Oscar nominations fuel Hollywood gender bias debate after Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig snubbed


Margot and Greta

The Oscar nominations are out and people are furious that Margot Robbie was snubbed for a nomination for her iconic role in Barbie.

Margot Robbie took the world by storm in the titular role, with the world talking about little else other than the pink-filled film for most of the summer.

However, it seems that Robbie’s performance wasn’t good enough in the Academy’s eyes, as they failed to give her a nomination for Best Actress.

Fans are furious considering that the film’s male lead Ryan Gosling, who played Ken, has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category.

Robbie is still nominated at this year’s awards, but only in a capacity as a producer on Barbie, which has been nominated for Best Picture.

However, the film’s director, Greta Gerwig has also failed to be nominated for Best Director.

People have shared their outrage at the Oscars and a debate surrounding the gender bias in Hollywood is picking up speed online.

“No nomination for Margot Robbie or Greta Gerwig for the #Oscars but Ryan Gosling gets one. Literally the whole point of the Barbie film,” one person wrote in response to the news.

A second put: “So Ryan Gosling’s nominated for playing Ken but Margot Robbie isn’t nominated for playing Barbie… in Barbie.”

While a third said: “Wait Ryan Gosling got nominated for his role as Ken, but Margot Robbie didn’t get nominated for Barbie?! And Greta got snubbed for Best Director?!?!

“Way to justify the literal plot of the movie @TheAcademy.”

A fourth wrote: “GRETA DIDN’T GET NOMINATED, MARGOT DIDN’T GET NOMINATED, DUA DIDN’T GET NOMINATED. Barbie shaped the whole of 2023 and ya’ll disrespect these incredible women’s work like that??”