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09th Jan 2018

The Golden Globes video that’s landed Sarah Hyland in hot water

'This is completely inappropriate!'

Fans are not happy.

Sarah Hyland is facing some major criticism online this week after she pretended to be drunk in a promotional video for Sunday night’s Golden Globes.

The Modern Family star was one of the famous faces that appeared in InStyle’s awards videos and people are branding it “inappropriate” due to the award show’s focus on sexual misconduct.

Posting the video on Twitter yesterday, InStyle said:

“Cheers to a wonderful night! Sarah Hyland takes the first ride in the elevator at our Golden Globes party.”

The video was quickly inundated with angry comments from viewers who called it “tone-deaf”.

Sarah Hyland seemed to address the backlash on Twitter saying:

“John the bellhop is a very nice old man. FYI, completely sober.”

Stars such as Hailee Baldwin, Julianne Hough and Elisabeth Moss also appeared in the series of elevator videos.