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30th May 2016

Finding Dory may be the first Disney-Pixar film to feature a gay couple

This is great news

It was spotted in the trailer, but we all missed it.

Last week there was mass hysteria as the trailer for Finding Dory was released, but there was a very special detail we all missed.

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a lesbian couple in the background of the trailer, walking around the aquarium.

As the trailer goes on and Dory and Co. make their way through the aquarium, we see one glorious moment where two women turn around and hand a toy to a baby in a pram.

It’s presumed the two women are a couple, strolling along with their baby and considering the lack of LGBTQ representation in Disney films, it’s hopeful news for present and future gay Disney fans.


While many people have been quick to dispel any suggestions of a gay couple in a kid’s film, many Disney fans have been quick to praise Disney and encourage the idea.

Considering the voice of Dory herself is Ellen DeGeneres, it doesn’t really make sense that some people are pissing on the parade.

If you want to take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself if the ladies in question are lesbians, the trailer is here.

All images via YouTube