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24th Jan 2019

Fears Bob Hope may die after Emmerdale share new preview clip

Emmerdale has sparked fears Bob Hope may die after he is found lifeless on a park bench in tonight’s double-bill.

The businessman has been recently struggling with his financial situation after the end of his relationship with Laurel Thomas.

He tried to sleep in The Woolpack’s cellar, but he was discovered by Charity and Chas Dingle – and eventually sacked when he lashed out at them when they offered to help them.

He also borrowed the car of his ex-wife, Brenda, to sleep in – but when she asked for the keys back, he was left without anywhere to go.

Bob ended up spending the night on a bench in the park, where he will be found lifeless and turning blue after the cold weather seems to take its toll.

Emmerdale shared a preview clip from Thursday night’s double-bill, which shows a concerned Harriet Finch walking around in search of Bob.

She notices that there’s a man sleeping on the park bench, before realising that it is Bob.

She rushes over to him and tries to wake him, before ringing 999.

As she checks for a pulse, she becomes more panicked when she can’t find out – although she’s convinced it is because her hands are too cold.

Harriet tries desperately to revive him, as she tells the operator on the other end that he is turning blue.