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16th Dec 2017

Fans were annoyed by this one part of the I’m a Celeb coming out show

"I am not a sad comic!"
iain lee

Last night marked the return of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here: Coming Out. 

Or, as we like to call it, arguably the best bit about the whole series, tbqh.

It’s got everything – celebrities returning to their families, celebrities crying, celebrities ordering approximately eight plates of sushi and cake and burgers (we’re looking at you, Vanessa.)

What the coming out show has also got though, is a load of goss.

Like, a load of it.

Understandably, once the celebs get out of the jungle and see what’s been said about them in papers, all they want to do is have a big moan about it and talk about it with their former campmates.

What else are you going to do in a five-star Australian resort in December?

However, there was one thing about last night’s show that viewers weren’t all that pleased about – the behaviour of Amir, Dennis, and Rebekah.

The trio had repeatedly been accused of bullying Iain while they were in the jungle, and once they left camp they were quick to refute this fact, claiming that no bullying went on at all and that they were all pretty good mates with Iain.

The DJ himself even confirmed that he absolutely had not been bullied and that he was not, contrary to what the British tabloids think, a “sad comic.”

So, with that cleared up it seemed like everybody could go ahead and get on with their lives, safe in the knowledge that everybody is friends and it’s all grand.

Except, some viewers noticed that all was not as it seemed.

During the show’s finale, the other celebs sat with family members and watched to see who would be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.

And when it was announced that Iain had come third, Amir, Dennis, and Rebekah smirked, shook each other’s hands, and looked fairly pleased with themselves as exhibited below.

What could this handshake possibly mean?

Did Amir, Dennis, and Rebekah have a bet that Iain wouldn’t win?

Had they systematically planned that the radio presenter would come third and miss out on the crown?

Or were they just happy he didn’t emerge victorious because they were convinced he had a game plan?

We guess we may never know the truth, although some people on Twitter were still fairly pissed off by the gesture.

Childish, a bit of shtick for the cameras, or perhaps even nothing of note at all – whatever the meaning of this handshake, there is one thing that’s for certain.

Iain Lee is not a “sad comic.”