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02nd Jan 2024

Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew cuddle up as they reunite at party

Anna Martin

sam thompson and tony bellew

Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew have reunited!

The ‘I’m A Celebrity’ stars looked like they’d never left the jungle as Sam did his usual hug from behind with the former professional boxer when they partied together in Liverpool.

After arriving at the bash with his friend Pete Wicks the ‘I’m A Celeb’ winner was all smiles as he cuddled up to his new friend from the show.

Tony turned round to find Sam behind him, and then he wrapped his arm around him, saying: “Some things never f****** change do they?”

Sam shouted: “Tony Bellew! Tony Bellew!” while Tony licked his finger and stuck it in Sam’s ear.

Though it might have looked like the celebrations were just for the two of them to enjoy, it turns out the boxer was marking his wife Rachael Roberts’ 40th birthday.

Sharing a few snaps from the night, Tony looked dapper, dressed in a leather jacket and a pair of black slacks as he posed with a very glam Rachel.

Despite the night being a celebration for his other half, Sam made an appearance in most of the photos he shared on his Instagram account.

Captioning his post, Tony wrote: “Lovely times @cityvaultsliverpool for the wife’s 40th! The staff are brilliant and made it a really intimate and private event for family and friends only.

“Thanks to everyone who came through and showed love while enjoying themselves.. girl ya 40 now and there’s no denying it anymore @rachael_bellew 

“I Love ya more than you’ll ever know and am so so happy you’ve had such a great birthday.”

sam thompson and tony bellow
Credit: Tony Bellew/Instagram

Since the show ended, Sam has admitted that he has missed Tony, who he had enjoyed an unlikely bond with. He posted a video of him sending the boxer a voice note which seemingly prompted Tony to post a cryptic message about friendship on his social media.

In the video hhe shared, a man is heard shouting: “Stop calling motherf****** man. Stop calling motherf****** and see who call you. The only reason why ya’ll talk every day is because you keeping an open line of communication. Motherf****** be trying to be friends with motherf****** that ain’t friends with them.”