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25th Dec 2017

EastEnders fans stunned as TWO characters left fighting for their lives


EastEnders fans were shocked tonight as sisters Abi and Lauren Branning were left fighting for their lives after falling off the roof of the Queen Vic.

The action-packed hour in Walford saw Max finally exposed for all of his devious deeds when his former wife Tanya returned to confront him and try and save their daughters.

She finally brought to light Jane Beale’s message about why she really had to leave Albert Square and how Max had killed Stephen Beale – which is when it all kicked off.

After being rejected by Stacey following their recent hookup, and with his family set to leave him, Max was pushed to the edge – storming through Albert Square before clashing with Ian Beale, who had learned about Max killing Steven.

But once Ian had been dragged away, Kathy pleaded with her ex Phil Mitchell to put an end to Max, once and for all.

Max’s rampage saw him walk into a violent confrontation with Phil, who had the gun that Aidan planted in the Queen Vic after Mick gave it to Billy to get rid of.

After pummelling Max, Phil refused to kill him – despite Max’s pleading with him to “put him out of his misery” and shoot him.

The gun goes off, hitting the railings, before Phil says – once again – that he won’t kill Max.

Max then stormed through the Queen Vic as he headed to the roof, appearing to be ready to jump off the ledge of the pub.

His daughters, Abi and Lauren, and ex-wife Tanya notice him while they’re getting into a car to head out of town and race to his rescue.

Abi pleads with her dad to “get off the ledge”, telling him that they wouldn’t be going back in without him, as Lauren followed her up to the roof.

The pair then climbed up onto the ledge, telling their dad that she wouldn’t be going back inside without him.

But when Max finally agreed to head inside, Lauren slipped off the building and dragged Abi off of the roof with her – sending both of them plunging to the ground in front of their mum.

And fans weren’t able to deal with the dramatic scenes.

It comes as a number of characters were spotted filming a funeral scene over the last few weeks, with Max Branning (Jake Wood) and Michelle Fowler (Jenna Russell) leading the mourners.

Max looked downcast as he arrived at the scene, with his hands stuffed into his pockets.

The rest of the residents of Albert Square arrived to watch the procession leading the coffin, which photos obtained by the Daily Mail show was decorated with a number of colourful flowers.

Featured image via the BBC.