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14th Apr 2018

EastEnders fans were genuinely heartbroken over Ted’s emotional scenes last night

Jade Hayden

eastenders ted

Actually too much to handle on a Friday night, like.

Fridays are emotional at the best of times.

You’ve just finished up an intense week of work. You may have had one too many casual gins and are feeling a bit worse for wear. The soaps are on.

The list goes on.

In this case, it was the soaps that made this week’s Friday particular upsetting, emotional, and just generally not a lot of fun really.

If you were watching EastEnders last night, you’ll know exactly what we’re on about… and if you weren’t, let us get you up to speed.

Basically, Ted’s wife Joyce recently passed away in her sleep.

The pair had been married for about 40 years so, understandably, Ted was very upset.

This only going worse when it became apparent that Ted could not afford a funeral for Joyce and that he was also not permitted to attend the cremation.

He was also not allowed to give his wife’s green vase to go with her.

A later scene showed Ted sobbing holding the smashed green vase before he makes himself a single boiled egg for lunch.

Genuinely heartbreaking stuff.

People on Twitter thought so too.

Ted was later brought to the Queen Vic where everyone had set up a wake for Joyce in memory of her life.

Ted gave an emotive speech thanking them all for their time as Teenagers in Love played in the background.

He said:

“This was our favourite song. This means a lot.

“Joyce was a very special woman – best wife a man ever had. Thank you all of you.”