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23rd Feb 2015

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Naggin! Benedict Cumberbatch Caught Red-Handed At The Oscars

The actor was nominated for his role in The Imitation Game.


The Oscars may be a swanky event but it’s also a very long night, so you can’t blame some of the attendees for fancying a drink during the ceremony.

Benedict Cumberbatch was up for the Best Actor award for his role in The Imitation Game and decided to calm his nerves by sneaking a hip flask into the venue.

Unfortunately, he got caught red-handed by cameras at the event and was not impressed at the intrusion, mouthing ‘go away’ down the lens.

The actor attended the awards with pregnant wife Sophie Hunter, who looked stunning in a red gown.

Benedict-Cumberbatch-kicks-off-the-Oscars-with-a-drink Benedict-Cumberbatch-kicks-off-the-Oscars-with-a-drink