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05th Mar 2018

Corrie fans are disgusted with the outcome of tonight’s episode

Cathy Donohue

Corrie fans are disgusted

Were you watching?

Tonight’s much-anticipated episode of Coronation Street had fans on the edge of their seats as they waited to see what Pat Phelan’s fate would be.

Last week, his boss Mona revealed that the lake where he had dumped his victims was to be drained which caused him great distress.

The first instalment of tonight’s show was a grim watch as Phelan went to drag the bodies of Andy and Vinny from their watery graves.

Intending to dump their bodies in the building site of the nearby mill, his plan was going smoothly until he dropped his phone in.

In an attempt to retrieve it, he didn’t quite realise that the concrete around him was quickly setting and viewers could barely cope with the suspense.

However, he lives to see another day and Corrie fans are absolutely raging at the fact that Phelan has escaped unscathed…yet again.