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04th May 2017

Ariel Winter wore the completely wrong outfit to a group photo but rocked it

Ariel Winter

We’ve all done this.

You know those moments when you get an invite to an event, but there’s no clear dress code. Then cut to the event when you turn up wearing something opposite to everyone there. Think Bridget Jones at her aunt’s turkey curry buffet.

Ariel Winter found herself in a similar situation when she turned up to a Modern Family photoshoot. She was glammed to the nines, while the rest of her co-stars looked like they were sitting down for a casual lunch.

Her outfit completely jars with everyone else. Don’t get us wrong, she looks amazing, she just sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the others.

Hats off to her as well because if we were in the same situation we would want the ground to swallow us up, but Ariel is taking the whole thing in her stride as she poses for photos with the press.