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06th Nov 2018

102-year-old woman redefines the word cool by ditching her wheelchair to shoot some hoops

Amy Nolan

We just want her in our girl gang.

It’s the Channel 4 show that has warmed our hearts over the course of five weeks and the final episode of Old People’s Home for 4-Year-Olds did not disappoint.

The programme pioneered the idea to relocate a group of pre-schoolers into a UK nursing home to prove that two starkly different age demographics could have positive effects on each other.

Following on from the popular first season, the new series took place in Lark Hill Village in Nottingham, one of the largest nursing homes in the UK and Europe. It was a slightly longer study this time around to further investigate the possible benefits of intergenerational friendships.

102 year old in Channel 4 documentary ditches her wheelchair to shoot some hoops

Throughout the course of the five episodes, we’ve laughed and cried in equal measure. There have been some amazing moments of humanity captured in the second season, like when it was revealed one of the little girl’s mothers passed away just weeks before the experiment began filming, or when the children came face to face with the stark reality of death when one of their chicks failed to hatch.

During last night’s final, people were amazed when eighty-one-year-old Lilian, a former dance professional in her youth, managed to overcome her fear of falling and performed a spectacular tap dancing routine.

Indeed, there was a notable increase in the elderly people’s confidence and mobility after spending time with the group of youngsters.

In perhaps our favourite moment of the series, the oldest resident of Lark Hill, 102-year-old Sylvia, got out of her wheelchair to try her hand at basketball.

The nursing home hosted a sports day for the children and the older adults to participate in and Sylvia was keen to get some practice in before the main event.

The children cheered her on before she took her shot and after getting it in the basket, Sylvia gloated that she was going to win at sports day!

We have our fingers crossed for a third season. With the success of this year’s experiment, there is sure to be one.

It’s always nice to have a good news story.