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29th Jan 2018

A woman ran into Beyonce by accident before the Grammys and she is all of us

Her face, like.
jay z

Same, tbh.

What would you do if you met Beyonce?

Would you ask for a pic? Gaze at her longingly? Run away in fear because you’ve just ran into actual Beyonce and you know that whatever you say or do will not be good enough for Queen Bey herself so you may as well just exit the area and hope for best?

Probably all of the above, if we’re honest.

That being said, the chances of us running into Beyonce are slim to none.

And the chances of us running into Beyonce AND Jay Z are pretty much impossible so we don’t really have to worry about these things.

One person, whoever, who does need to worry about these things is the woman who happened to be staying in the same hotel as Beyonce and Jay Z last night.

The unknown woman was simply having a stroll along the hallways when she ran into the two biggest artists on the planet – Beyonce and Jay Z.

… And her reaction was probably pretty similar to what our own would be like, to be honest.


Absolute same, girl.

Beyonce shared the photo to her own Instagram page (yes, really) so all of her fans were subjected to the jealousy of seeing someone who’s not you meet your idols.

At least she seemed to appreciate it though.

That wasn’t the only moment of last night’s Grammys that left people safe in their assumptions that Beyonce and Jay Z are simply the greatest people to roam this earth.

During the show, Blue Ivy was caught shushing her parents and it was probably one of the best things that could have happened.

Fair play to her, like.

We wouldn’t have had the balls.