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07th Feb 2024

Real Hannah Montana fans know that Miley Cyrus’ Grammy win was predestined

Jody Coffey

miley cyrus grammy win

“… Started to cry but then remembered – I just won my first Grammy!”

On Monday night, Miley Cyrus became a two-time Grammy winner for her empowering break-up anthem, ‘Flowers’.

The songstress accepted her first-ever Grammy in the Best Pop Solo Performance category and picked up her win on stage from the iconic Mariah Carey.

Later in the night, Mark Ronson and Meryl Streep presented the singer with her Grammy for Record of the Year, also for ‘Flowers’.

While it comes as no surprise that the 31-year-old was recognised for the outstanding song, many OG fans of Hannah Montana would know that this win was written in the stars.

Shortly after her second win of the night, a clip began to circulate online from an old episode of Disney show, which seems to foreshadow real events in Miley’s life.

Miley Cyrus speaks during the 66th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 04, 2024 Credit: Getty

The video, taken from season four, episode eight, of Hannah Montana shows her character, Miley Stewart, working to address her writer’s bloc in time for her next album.

As she prepares to meet this deadline, her best friend, Lilly (Emily Osment), comes by to check on her and finds Miley has spent her time drafting a hypothetical Grammys acceptance speech.

“‘Thank you Grammy voters. Record of the Year, I can’t believe it, I had nothing prepared,'” Lilly reads from the legal pad.

“Oh yeah, and I can cry like that. Watch. ‘Lady Gaga, Beyonce, I can’t believe I’m even in the same category as you,'” Miley adds, as she pretends to break into tears.

And this song, ‘Flowers,’ is my butterfly.

Miley Cyrus at the 2024 GRAMMYs

As we know, these real events would transpire as Miley, however, she delivered a much different speech to her on-screen character.

When she accepted the award, she shared a touching anecdote to explain her connection to the song ‘Flowers’.

“There was a little boy that all he wanted for his birthday was a butterfly. So his parents gave him a butterfly net and he was so excited. He went outside out in the sun and started swinging and swinging.

“But with no luck, he sat down on the ground, he finally let go and he surrendered. He was okay that he was not going to capture this beautiful butterfly.

“Right when he did is when the butterfly came and landed right on the tip of his nose. And this song, ‘Flowers,’ is my butterfly. Thank you.”

On the night of the GRAMMYs, and in between wins, Miley delivered one of the most iconic performances of her career, intertwining spoken adlibs and new lyrics into her award-winning song.

“I didn’t wanna leave you (but had to), I didn’t wanna fight (but we did), started to cry but then remembered – I just won my first Grammy!”