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23rd Apr 2016

Watch – Jimmy Fallon and friends surprising restaurant-goers by singing ‘Ignition’ is just wonderful

Dinner and a show

Jimmy Fallon seems like great craic.

Just look at him here, talking to Saoirse Ronan about the nature of a pub lock-in, or competing in an intense lip-sync battle with Tom Cruise.

He’s a consummate entertainer, and he seems to be one of those people that is always ready to perform.

He did just the recently at a Vancouver eatery, when himself and his friends treated the diners to an impromptu acapella rendition of the R Kelly classic, Ignition.

The performance was in his signature barbershop style, which he uses often on his late night talk show.

It looks like the most fun ever, and you can watch the video below:

(Image and clip via YouTube/Mahram Z. Foadi)