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10th May 2016

WATCH: Audience member gets to act with Ryan Gosling on Jimmy Kimmel

Can't see the same thing happening on The Late Late somehow...

Ryan Gosling is one serious dreamboat.

We’re all raging with jealousy at Eva Mendes who gets to live with him, party with him and share a house with him. SWOON.

His dreamy existence has inspired a whole range of ‘Hey Girl’ memes encouraging girls to run, study and exercise, and his performance as Noah in The Notebook is one I’ll never forget.

ryanvia Giphy

Acting alongside him is a dream for most struggling actors and adoring fans alike and one woman got to do just that while sitting in the live audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When asked about his latest film The Nice Guys, TV host Kimmel requests a clip of the upcoming movie but Gosling chooses to act out a scene instead.

Kimmel nominates himself as a co-reader but Gosling insists on picking a member from the cheering audience, a woman called Karen and the pair act out the scene with hilarious results.

She is one LUCKY lady.

*books tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live immediately*

Lead image via YouTube