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13th Dec 2022

Fans jump to Stacey Solomon’s defence after trolls target her

Kat O'Connor

Stacey Solomon’s followers have defended the mum after her latest Instagram post caused some controversy.

Stacey recently posted adorable photos of her, her son Rex and her daughter Rose playing in the snow. The family snaps were taken at Solomon’s Essex home Pickle Cottage.

Most of her fans loved the photos, but one couldn’t help but point something out about them.

One mum wrote, “Why wasn’t your son wearing a hat? You and Rose were?”

Parents with kids who are Rex’s age will know it’s impossible to dress them at the best of times, nevermind when they’re playing in the snow.

Stacey’s followers called the woman out for mum-shaming her.

One said, “Are you really being serious? Jealousy is a terrible disease. Lots of toddlers take their hats off.”

“Who are you to question her parenting?” one asked.

Another added, “It’s hard keeping a hat on a kid that doesn’t want to wear one! It is a post of lovely fun pictures of a family enjoying the snow and that is your comment.”

Stacey chose to ignore the backlash and focused on spending time with her kids. The mum was due to travel to Wales before the cold snap hit the UK.

“We woke up to what seemed like Narnia outside the window and the kids have never been so excited.

“Our roads hadn’t gotten round to being gritted so all school & work was snowed off! So we made the most of a very very rare snow day & spent all day in Joe’s childhood sleigh that he has had since he was 10.

“Making snow angels & having snowball fights. It was such a special day that none of us knew was coming.”

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