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09th Sep 2019

Stacey Solomon calls to Mrs Hinch with a McDonalds and honestly, friendship goals

Cathy Donohue

When women support other women, amazing things happen”.

Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch have formed a newfound friendship and we are here for it.

Taking to Instagram this evening, social media sensation Mrs Hinch, explained how the two women have bonded recently, with their babies arriving into the world around the same time.

The cleaning whizz told of how Stacey turned up at her house with her son Rex in one arm and a bag of McDonalds in the other and it pretty much made her week.

Sophie Hinch told of how much she appreciates her army of Hinchers and loves sharing tips but there have been difficult times where she’s experienced trolling online.

It got to the point where she began to fear life outside of her home and out of the blue, she received a message from Stacey via social media.

Pouring her heart out, she asked Stacey how she manages life in the public eye with a newborn baby.

Instead of simply sending a reply, Stacey said she was coming around and proceeded to arrive with her baba and a bag of Maccy D’s.

They talked, laugh and ate junk food and when Stacey left, Sophie said that she felt like “a weight had been lifted”.

“I can honestly say I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I’m ready to face this public eye! Trolls n all! So Stacey I’m forever grateful to you, all the best darling and I can’t wait for next time”.

Stacey shared the snap on her page too, saying that she loved Mrs Hinch, we can’t with this adorable new friendship.

Women helping women, let’s have more of this, please.