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24th Jan 2023

This is the shocking reason why Haris has been dumped from Love Island

What happened?

If the reports are right, Haris Namani has been dumped from the Love Island villa – but why?

Insiders have told The Sun that Haris had left the villa as part of a planned eviction, although it currently remains unclear what that exactly means – especially with a dumping by public vote looming.

So what has happened for the producers of the show to make such a drastic decision?

Earlier today, footage emerged of the 21 year old appearing to punch someone while on a night out and has since gone viral.

The video was shot in Doncaster in May last year while Haris and his friends were on a night out in the northern English town.

To make matters worse, Haris is a trained boxer and his friends have mentioned he is known to have a temper, which we all got a glimpse into when he fought with Shaq last week on the show.

In the video, Haris can be seen hitting another man before going for a second box which knocks him to the ground.

Following the first punch, he can be heard repeatedly saying he is not a “bully” before continuing with: “I’m not a bully… on my mum’s life.”

In the background, his friends can be heard egging Haris on.

After the video first emerged on Snapchat, a friend of Haris’ told The Sun“We were all surprised when we heard Haris was going on Love Island, he’s got quite a bit of a temper on him and if someone says something he’s more than prepared to have a fight.

“He’s got an advantage being a boxer and he knows he can cause damage because he trains four times a week, he knows what he is capable of because of his training. That kind of stuff has to stay in the ring.

“I’m surprised ITV didn’t do further checks, I saw the row between him and Shaq and wasn’t surprised in the slightest. That’s the type of guy he is. What you see is what you get.”

This isn’t the first incident since Love Island began that Haris’ temper has gotten the best of him as during Thursday’s episode, we saw Haris and Shaq engage in a heated exchange.

Shaq accused Haris of purposely trying to wind him up after he made a comment about David’s kiss with Tanya, who Shaq is coupled up with.

“What’s wrong with you bro,” Shaq said as he noted that Haris does this all the time. Haris replied by telling him to “shut the f*ck up.”

Fans also noticed in last night’s episode that Haris seemed to be absent from a few scenes, with him seemingly disappearing for the Never Have I Ever game.

One person said: “Where was Haris and I also heard Olivia say last night, it’s good [to] have you back Haris. Anyway, my spider senses are tingling.”

While another said: “Where did Haris go and why is no one on the show talking about it?”

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