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15th Dec 2023

Shane MacGowan’s wife breaks silence after priest called his funeral a ‘circus’

Kat O'Connor

Shane MacGowan was laid to rest in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

The wife of the late Shane MacGowan has spoken out after a priest called his funeral ‘inappropriate’.

Pat Buckley, who is an ‘independent’ Bishop, slated Victoria Mary Clarke and Shane’s loved ones over his three-hour funeral.

Buckley wrote a scathing blog post about Shane’s funeral service and even referred to it as a ‘circus’.

 He wrote, “The MacGowan Funeral Mass was turned into a 3-hour concert and circus.”

Buckley claimed the three-hour service was only allowed because of MacGowan’s fame.

“Every day, at funerals the length and breadth of Ireland, bossy priests dictate to bereaved families.

He continued, “But in Nenagh on Friday all rules were flung to the wind and quite literally the MacGowans and their friends could have done what they liked, and the priests would have hollered and clapped.”

He claims a lot of people are “very angry” following MacGowan’s funeral service.

Despite the intense backlash, Shane’s wife, Victoria Mary Clarke took time to thank the public for their support.

She wrote on Instagram, “Sharing love in this world is the most beautiful thing you can do and the most valuable.”

Victoria also encouraged her followers not to feel sad for her because she still feels very connected to Shane.

She explained that she still feels his love, his encouragement, his pure joy, and even his presence.

“He is actually a part of me and he is never going to leave me because he is in my heart,” Victoria added.

She also took the time to thank those who made Shane MacGowan’s funeral so special.

She added, “I love that so many of you are celebrating his music and his life and his warmth and compassion and grace and beauty.

“It is a powerful thing to witness. There’s a lot of people that I want to individually thank for making his funeral so special and magical.

“I will probably be doing it for a long time!” Victoria added.