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01st Feb 2016

Scotty T Disgusted EVERYONE With His Sex Story On CBB

Classy as ever Scott.

Laura Holland

Scotty T, the well-known womaniser, may have just reached an all time low.

We all know at this stage that Scotty T is not afraid to talk, or boast, about his sexual conquests. He was even bragging recently about how Limerick girls flock to be with him.

But now he shared one particular story with the Celebrity Big Brother house which has disgusted everyone.

While the group were gathered around the living room confessing some of their past sexual exploits, Scotty T divulged more than they bargained for.

He told a story about a time he ‘followed through’, i.e sh*t the bed, while he was with a girl in Ibiza.


Watch him play out the whole thing here:

Image and video via YouTube/Rest Area